When a global heavyweight manufacturing company (the company prefers to remain anonymous) was faced with tougher competition and pressure on their margins, Commerzial identified an increased service offering to their customers as key to improving future revenue streams. Commerzial assisted in the development of new services that would commercialise this part of the business and provided the methodology that made it possible. As a result, the business unit has been able to undergo an accelerated service development process with a focus on targeting the right customers with the right offering.

After several years of declining profitability, Dockwool Scotland restructured their commercial terms and conditions, making sure that discounts and bonuses for channel partners as well as end customers were aligned to optimise volume, order and delivery patterns.
maurica drake
lead manager

Being challenged by increased margin pressure

This B2B company has a global footprint and is a leader in their industry, with a strong tradition of delivering machines and spare parts to their customers. Their products are sold in more than 150 countries, and the company’s net sales exceeds 11 billion €.

  • Our business model is becoming outdated, and we are losing out to our competitors.
  • We have difficulties growing and managing sales through our channel partners.
  • We have become too dependent on a few large customers or a few large orders.
  • We struggle to differentiate our products from those of our competitors and to clearly communicate the value of our products to our customers.
  • We are not sure how best to use our rebate, discount and bonus systems – or if they are delivering the desired results.

The challenges this company experienced are common for manufacturing organisations going through changes in customer behavior, markets or the competitive landscape. As commercial excellence advisors, we are charged with handling the complexity of these external factors, combined with managing the necessary change to our own processes, competences, habits and culture.

We supply the right competence and experience to help you embrace that challenge and achieve your goals. With Commerzial, you tap into a senior team of consultants and a proven method and toolbox addressing all corners of commercial excellence.